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Clara B Ford Academy (CBF) is strict discipline academy that provides an innovative learning environment integrating treatment and academic goals for students in grades 5 – 12 who are placed at Vista Maria in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

CBF strives to treat, heal, and educate its students. To be most effective in this endeavor, a school discipline system must be intertwined with the student’s treatment goals and strategies. Its emphasis is on preventing discipline issues through integrating an effective Social-Emotional Learning component teaching students self-regulation skills and social skills that can help them control their emotions, make more responsible choices, and get along with others. It recognizes that we do not have the ability to change our student’s daily challenges that they experience outside our walls. The ultimate goal of all discipline is to shape the student’s behavior, allowing them to develop self control and make appropriate decisions that ultimately will enhance success in the community. To this end, a “one size fits all” discipline system does not effectively address the depth and breadth of our student population.

Since 2012, Clara B Ford staff have been involved in a research project focusing on impact of trauma on student learning. CBF staff is working with professionals from Wayne State University to develop pre/post surveys and focus groups with staff and students to gather data for our study.

Below you can read our first Trauma article that was published in 2014.
Click the link to view the article: Student Trauma Article 

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CBF Site Visit for the National Dropout Convention

Clara B. Ford Academy (CBF) was selected as a site visit for participants of the National Dropout Convention that was held in Detroit October 2-6, 2016. In addition to conference participants, officials from various community organizations as well as Michigan legislators attended the event, Including Senator Johnson, Senator Hansen and, State Rep. Stephanie Chang.

CBF was selected as a representative of innovative work in education. It is charter school providing education to females who have been or who are currently placed at Vista Maria, a residential placement for girls involved with the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. CBF’s mission is to work with the whole child—psychological, socially, behaviorally, and academically—to treat, heal and educate its students. For the last four years, CBF staff has explored innovated strategies to help students with a history of trauma and truancy, remain in school.

The Trauma-Informed Teaching curriculum presents an alternative to suspension discipline methods. CBF has worked closely with Ferris State and Wayne State Universities to develop a trauma-informed setting and evaluate the effectiveness of that setting in reducing discipline incidence that result in lost learning time. During the site visit, participants were presented with information regarding the components of the program and opportunities to engage with staff and students. Additionally, there was student lead tours of the school to see how trauma-informed education practices have been embedded into the daily schedule.

For further information on the National Dropout Prevention Conference for Education Innovation http://dropoutprevention.org/conferences/2016-national-dropout-prevention-network-conference/

Food Service Advisory Board

Want input into what your students are eating at school?  Here is your opportunity to join our advisory board and provide your input. President Obama signed into law the Healthy Huger Free Act of 2010.  This was done to help combat the epidemic of childhood obesity as well as the urgent problem of childhood hunger. 

What does this mean for your school meals?  More healthy lean proteins, whole grains, multiple fruit and vegetable offerings!

To join the committee or for more information please contact:  Carey Simkanin, Director of Dining Service at 313.271.3050 ex 155.

How To Access Staff Web Pages

The Clara B Ford teaching staff has created webpages that are designed to keep parents, students, and student advocates informed[Beverly A. Baroni] about their classes and assignments. The web pages can be accessed by placing the cursor over “About Us” located on the Home Page. Once the cursor is over “About Us” place the cursor over “Staff Directory” and select the staff member’s webpage you wish to view.

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