Ms. Adelson

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Sari Adelson

Hello!  I'm Ms. Sari Adelson, science teacher in the middle school at the Clara B. Ford Academy.  I joined the faculty at CBF in October of 2018 as the school's Art Teacher and transitioned to the Middle School in January 2019. I attended the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, graduating in December 2007 with a double bachelors in Psychology and Art. Truth be told, however, my love of science started at a very early age, and I'm thrilled to be sharing that love with the girls in the Middle School at CBF.

Previous to coming to CBF, I was the administrator for an organization at the University of Michigan called the Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP).  Through my work at PCAP, i spent 10 years teaching visual art to incarcerated men, women, and children across the state of Michigan.

Academic Support

In our small, integrated science class we are covering topics ranging from chemistry to biology, space and the solar system to earth science.  We watch videos, do experiments, art projects, guided inquiries, reading comprehension work.

Below are a list of websites with science content for students! has great resources in a number of science topics at multiple grade levels

Mysteryscience,com offers interactive lessons, at multiple grade levels, on myriad topics. The lessons are filled with videos, experiments, reading and more!

 NASA Kids Club has incredible learning opportunities for students online.  Check out the link below:

School Wide Non-Negotiables

  • Cell phones should be silenced and out of sight.
  • Hallway Passes are needed during class periods
  • Only Approved food or drink consumed during school hours.
  • Teacher's desk, chair, cell phone, laptop, and classroom phone are off limits to students 

Contact Me!

If you wish to contact me select “contact me” which is located on the left of your screen under my name. Please leave the following:

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