Mr. Williams


RESIDENCE: Born in St. Charles, MI.  Currently reside in Westland, MI.

Bachelors of Arts in Physical Education/Health and General Science from  Saginaw Valley State University 2004.  Certified Schwinn Indoor Cycling Coach.  Certified Personal Trainer.  Power Speed Endurance Run Coach.

Taught at St. Charles Elementary 2004-2007.  Adjunct Professor at Saginaw Valley State University Winter 2008. Teacher at Clara B. Ford Academy since 2009.

​ATHLETICS: ​Triathlete since 2004-2014.  Participate in duathlons (run-bike-run) solely now.  Member of Team ATP/Speed Concepts racing teams and a Team 3FU3L and Epix Gear ambassador. I compete in running races, bike races, and duathlons around the state of Michigan.


1.Be ready!!
2.Be smart!
3.Be safe!
4.Do not partake in  "inappropriate" activities.
5. Participate


1. You MUST WEAR SOCKS if you take your shoes off.
2. If you don't participate you must have a note from doctor, nurse, or building supervisor.
4. If you are miss a class it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ask for the work you missed.
-Make up workout
-Make up article.


GRADINGGold Medal Numbered.png

1. You must participate the WHOLE TIME to receive points.  If you are injured, sick, or absent for another reason we will come up with a make up assignment for you.  

2. Skill work, workouts, and games will have points assigned and you will find those out at the start of class.

3. Notes in class, tests, projects, etc. will be graded accordingly.


All homework is due at the beginning of the class on the specified due date or it will not be accepted. It is the student’s responsibility to request missed material and homework assignments; teacher’s responsibility to provide this within 24 hours of request.

If a student or Student Advocate provides at least 24 hour notice of an upcoming absence, the teacher will provide material.  

If the absence is not excused the teacher does not need to provide make up work.

In cases of suspension, when the student returns, the student must request missed work and the teacher has 48 hours to respond.  Assignments will be marked a grade lower (100% A grade would be a "B" instead).


Sport Boy.png


In Physical Education student will learn a number of different fitness activities and movement skills that will increase their mobility, give them more confidence/higher self-esteem, and help them become more fit.  Students will be exposed to a number of different sports that include volleyball, hockey, and basketball.  This will help them socially, improve their leadership skills, and encourage them to try new things. Finally, students will learn a number of health topics which includes nutrition, eating disorders, hygiene, and how to be a  health literate consumer.  


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1. Cell Phones should be locked up.
2. Hallway Passes needed during class periods.
3. Only APPROVED food or drink consumed during school hours
4. Teacher's desk, chair, cell phone, laptop, and classroom phone are off limits to students.


Physical Education Links that can assist TUTORS.

These are the exercises we do on a regular basis in class.  If students have trouble with form use these to help correct it.
Proper Air Squat
Proper Push-Up
Proper Sit-Up
Lunge Form
Step-Up Form



M,T,TH,F Schedule
1st Hour 7:54-9:12 AM PE/Health Room 111
2nd Hour 9:15-10:33 AM Office Help 
3rd Hour 10:36- 11:01- Lunch
Lunch 11:03- 12:13 pm- Plato/Coach
4th Hour 12:16-1:34 PM PE/Health GSC
5th Hour 1:37-2:55 PM Physical Fitness Room 109

Wednesday Schedule
1st Hour 7:54-9:02 AM PE/Health Room 111
2nd Hour 9:05-10:13 AM Office Help
3rd Hour 10:16- 10:41- Lunch
Lunch 10:44- 11:49 AM- Plato/Coach  
4th Hour 11:52- 1:00 PM PE/Health GSC
​5th Hour 1:03- 1:38 PM PE/Health Room 109




​Wednesday Schedule- ​Friday, June 1st- Friday, June 15th, 2018
​4th Qtr. Awards Ceremony- Friday, June 15th, 2018
​Field Day- ​Friday, June 15th, 2018
​Last day of School- ​Friday, June 15th, 2018


If you wish to contact me select "contact me" which is located on the left of your screen under my name.  Please leave the following:
1. Your Name
2. Students Class
3. E-Mail Address (If you do not have an email address please leave your phone number in the question/comment section)
4. Your question/comment.