About Us

Clara B. Ford Academy’s mission is to engage our students in a safe, innovative learning environment within Southeast Michigan that will enable them to function as contributing adults. 

Our environment purposefully addresses the needs of the whole child while inspiring a passion for life-long learning that leads to the realization of a dream.

Core Values
Education is a critical key to reaching life's goals. To that end, we commit ourselves to create a safe environment to: 

  • Respect the dignity of all individuals including yourself
  • Provide a quality educational opportunity that is appropriate for each student regardless of capacity or background
  • Value our interdependent collaboration to best educate our students
  • Foster creativity, imagination, and fresh ideas
  • Enable our students to learn social and life skills to be successful
  • Promote ethical development 
    • Life skills
    • Positive community behavior

CBF's caring learning community is built on a foundation of:Safety, Respect, Leadership, Innovation, and Integrity. 
Incorporated in the CBF mission are the following core values:

  • Academic achievement and creativity
  • Respect for self and others
  • Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
Core Goals
  • To create a learning community that helps students put meaning into their learning so they can succeed in college, have a quality life, know themselves well, and build positive and satisfying relationships with others.
  • To teach students how to participate in a decision making process that uses different methods, including comparisons, patterns, analytical, and systems thinking strategies.
  • To encourage outstanding academic performance for each student and recognize that academic success is only one factor shaping a well-rounded individual.
  • To foster a strong work ethic through persistence and determination that is modeled and reinforced by adults.
  • To create and maintain a positive learning environment for all students. Teachers,administrators, parents/guardians, and students must assume a responsible role in promoting behavior that enhances academic and social success. Courteous,respectful, and responsible behavior fosters a positive climate for the learning community.