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Clara B Ford (CBF) academy educates and serves female students between the ages of 12-19 years old.  Our students are adjudicated and are residents of Vista Maria. The student population has experienced various types and levels of trauma.  Trauma experiences can be triggered at any time or in any environment, including school. CBF’s administration understands that students “triggered” are disrupted from their academic process.  The Monarch Room was created as a resource that supports students to de-escalate and re-focus during school hours.  Student who visit the Monarch Room return to class ready to learn within 10-15 minutes or less.  During enrollment orientation students learn the purpose of the Monarch Room and its role in the success of their education and their treatment goals that are useful life skills that expand beyond High School years. Trauma informed trained staff monitor the Monarch Room and are available throughout the school day.  Students are encouraged to become self-aware of their mental and physical changes when triggered and are offered coping and sensory interventions.

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Monarch Team:
Ms. Almanza
Ms. Bozyk
Ms. Daniels
Ms. Jenkins
Ms. Nesbitt
Mr. Patterson

How a Student Uses the Monarch Room

The Monarch Room is available to any student who feel they are unable to be a productive member of the classroom.  A student chooses to utilize the Monarch Room as a resource to self-regulate or . The Monarch Room is never a punishment or a suspension room. Most students choose to work with a Monarch Team member and take advantage of sensory interventions.

   Sensory interventions include, but are not limited to:

Bean Bags
Weighted Blankets
Coloring Books
Balance Boards
Seated Disks
Stationary bike
Kinetic Sand
Rocking Chairs
Stuffed Animals
Various Fidget Toys

The short term goal of the Monarch Room is to help students refocus and return to class in a timely manner.  The long term goal is to help students identify within themselves when they start to feel "triggered" and teach them healthy ways to both cope with those feelings and overcome them so they can stay in class and, in the future, the workplace.

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Monarch Team

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