Ms. Dallaire

Hello My Name Is...

Kira Dallaire

Welcome to the Middle School at Clara B. Ford Academy!

Ms. Dallaire joined the middle school team in August 2019. She teaches English and Social Studies and is part of the TST - Special Education team. Ms. Dallaire earned her BA from Eastern Michigan University in elementary education (K-8), with a focus on reading and integrated science in 2010. After graduating, Ms. Dallaire worked as a before/after school and summer camp program director and a preschool and 4-year-old kindergarten teacher.

In 2017 Ms. Dallaire earned her MA in special education from Eastern Michigan University; and, because one masters degree wasn't enough, Ms. Dallaire earned a second MA in Women's and Gender Studies from Eastern Michigan in December 2018. During graduate school Ms. Dallaire worked as a research and teaching assistant. She also worked as a community advocate with Wayne State University's Community Advocacy Project (CAP).  One project that Ms. Dallaire is especially proud of, is her collaborative language work, where she helped create and teach Miami of Illinois grammar workshops as part of a larger language-revitalization movement. 

In her off time Ms. Dallaire enjoys spending time with her husband and cat, being with friends and family, and listening to great music! 

I am very excited to be a part of the Clara B. Ford community!

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Academic Supports

English ~ Language Arts

If you want to improve your reading skills, read at least thirty minutes a day. To become a more fluent reader, practice one or two reading strategies while you read.

                                          Reading  Strategies                                                                                                   
Predict  Determine what you think will happen in the text.
Use the title, text, and illustrations to help you
 Visualize Create mental images of the settings, characters,
and events in the text. 
 Question Stop and ask yourself questions to see if the text makes
sense. Reread the text if you need more information
 Connect Think about what you already know about the text. Find ways
to relate the text to yourself, other texts, and the world
around you.
 Identify Determine the author's purpose. Find the important details, the
main idea, and the themes of the text.
 Infer Use clues in the text and your own knowledge to fill in the 
gaps and draw conclusions. 
 Evaluate Think about the text as a whole and form opinions about
what your read. 


Social Studies

One of the key skills we need in a 21st-century society is a effective use of critical thinking skills. We not only need to be able to present our ideas to others, we need to relate those ideas to the broader context, or events, that are going on around us. We also need to be able to evaluate our ideas, along with the ideas of others, so that we can determine which ideas will work most effectively in combination with those of others, and so that we can achieve our goals. 

Social studies provides the opportunity for us to learn about the physical and social worlds around us, giving us the background knowledge we need to be able to apply our critical thinking skills to a wider variety of topics or subject areas.

Below is a list of skills that are necessary in becoming a more effective critical thinker. Work on practicing these skills when you are learning about current events and the world around you. Reflect. Write. Repeat.

Critical Thinking Skills...
- ask questions that are clear and easily understood
- listen to others' views and opinions
- distinguish between fact and opinion
- determine credibility of sources of information
- detect bias
- weigh all evidence
- distinguish relevant from irrelevant information
- draw inferences 
 - draw logical conclusions based on evidence
- organize and classify ideas and evidence
- identify underlying assumptions
 - distinguish hypothesis from evidence
- make appropriate use of persuasive techniques
 - recognize a variety of political, social, cultural, and personal perspectives

***One fun way to incorporate critical thinking skills is through writing poetry or memoirs. Under the Useful Links tab, you will find a folder of Academic Resources that provides more information and activity ideas where students can practice academic skills. 

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Contact Information

Please let me know how I can best support your student. You can contact me at:
[email protected]

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School-Wide Non-Negotiables

  1. Cell phones should be silenced and out of sight.

  2. Hallway Passes needed during class periods.

  3. Only Approved food or drink consumed during school hours.

  4. Teacher’s desk, chair, cell phone, laptop, and classroom phone are off limits to students.

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Classroom Expectations

Be Respectful!
Be Responsible!
Be Safe! 
To yourself, to each other, and to classroom materials